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Economical, proven and well established.

Thinking about cash packaging means thinking about orfix. Our extensive product range of high quality cash packaging products offers solutions which are optimized for use and meet all international standards.

orfix · Cash Packaging

is one of the core capabilities of orfix since 1950. With experience and know how orfix developed together with the German National Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank - BKK) the actual valid standard of requirements for coin and banknote wrappers. In cooperation with the machine manufacturers orfix contributed to the standardization of paper rolls for automatic coin wrapping.

orfix · Cash Packaging

materials are featured by a permanent high quality standard. Raw materials are partly exclusively developed and produced for orfix.

orfix · Cash Packaging

products can be customized on demand. orfix offers a huge range of different paper colors and the possibility to print the packaging material in individual design.

orfix · Cash Packaging

standard products are on stock and available within 2 - 3 workdays!

Packaging Material – a factor for the economy of the cash transfer:

  • the effort concerning sorting, counting, packing and transportation
  • the duration of usability of the cash