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Security bags for medical or laboratory samples

These bags are for safely transporting medical or lab samples within hospitals or labs. They’re made of a special film with a secure closure, come in different sizes and transparency options. As part of our “Green Label” series, we’ve made them thinner to be more eco-friendly without sacrificing quality.

Suitable for the transport of medical or laboratory samples within the hospital / laboratory, ideal for use as secondary packaging. 

The medical / laboratory sample bags are made of orfix special film and have a tamper-proof and leak-proof orfix safety closure. They are available in different thicknesses and dimensions, in transparent or opaque film.

In the course of our “Green Label” series, the film was largely reduced in thickness to protect the environment, of course without impairing the performance of the bag.


  • Transport of medical samples
  • Transport of laboratory samples
  • tamper-proof
  • tear-proof
  • leak-proof
  • orfix security closure
  • individual print on request
  • different sizes & film thickness on request
  • film largely reduced in thickness – to protect the environment

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