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orfix Plastic Coin Tubes
Coins packed easily and stable.

Plastic Coin Tubes

orfix Plastic Coin Tubes – a stable, reusable packing system for the manual wrapping of € – coins. 

The coins will be filled in manually into the preformed plastic semi shells with trays. After filling – without necessity of counting – the orfix Plastic Coin Tubes will be closed by an easy snap closure. 

Differentiation of denomination is done by coloured stripes. 

On the closure of the orfix Plastic Coin Tubes the denomination as well as the total value is indicated. 

Art.-No.SpeciesContent EuroColor StripeUnits per carton
100005700,01 €50 x 0,01 = 0,50white1,000
100005710,02 €50 x 0,01 = 1,00grey
100005720,05 €50 x 0,01 = 2,50red
100005730,10 €40 x 0,10 = 4,00blue
100005740,20 €40 x 0,10 = 8,00orange
100005750,50 €40 x 0,10 = 20,00green
100005761,00 €25 x 0,10 = 25,00yellow
100005772,00 €25 x 0,10 = 50,00violett

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