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1. Scope 

This Code of Conduct is a voluntary commitment of all employees including executives to ethical practices. It describes the principles that are the basis for our decisions and our actions. 

The Code of Conduct is designed to help understand our principles, to act upon them and preserve them for the future. 

The Code of Conduct applies to the entire orfix group. 

2. Principles 

2.1 Compliance with Laws and Policies  

We are committed to complying with and observing applicable laws and regulations. This obligation also applies to existing policies and guidelines as well as recognized standards of cultural circles and countries in which orfix operates. 

2.2. Employees as orfix Representatives 

We are aware that with our work and behaviour we can contribute to the positive perception of orfix and support the company’s success by our actions. 

We all have the task of observing the Code of Conduct, of carrying out its principles in the company and ensuring its compliance through our actions.  

Executives act as role models and supporters to help employees, to behave ethically at all times. 

3. Fair Competition and Anti-trust Legislation 

We stand by the rules of fair competition for the benefit of all market participants. Our company is committed to ensure and uphold free and genuine competition. This principle is the central idea of the world’s existing anti-trust legislation and therefore mandatory for orfix.

4. Prohibition of corruption 

We do not tolerate corruption – no matter in what form. The unlawful granting of benefits to third parties – for example to public officials or employees of private companies – as well as the acceptance of such, is forbidden at orfix. The prohibition of corruption applies comprehensively, no matter to whom, at what location in the world and the reason for granting those benefits. 

5. Handling gifts, invitations and conflicts of interest 

Full transparency is mandatory, regarding gifts and entertainment. In virtually all jurisdictions gifts and invitations are sensitive subjects and therefore as a general rule prohibited. The offer and acceptance of high-value gifts, gifts of money and financial advantage is strictly prohibited. Only in exceptional cases low-value gifts may be accepted, provided that they are appropriate, and no return obligation is expected. Such gifts should display the respective company logo. 

All decisions and activities in the company must not be influenced by private interests and / or personal relationships.  

Situations where there may be conflicts of interest, therefore, should be avoided. Cases of doubt should always be discussed with the immediate superior. 

6. Care in handling accounting and financial records 

We are aware that care in dealing with financial documents is of the highest importance for orfix. We therefore observe the obligation to ensure compliance with national and international rules of accounting. 

Our financial records reflect our business development to stakeholders and relevant correct and up-to-date facts.  

We work in a cooperative manner with internal and external auditors. 

7. Handling of confidential information and the protection of intellectual property 

We recognize that intellectual property is a valuable asset and the basis for our company’s success. Therefore it is necessary to protect this information. As intellectual property we consider inventions, product prototypes, formulae, product concepts, details about customers and suppliers and other trade secrets. 

We protect our files and computer data from unauthorised access. Passwords should be selected according to security requirements, changed at regular intervals and not passed on to others. 

Each individual should ensure that no unauthorised person can access their personal computer files. We only use confidential information for commercial purposes. 


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