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Automatic Coin Rolls

Each coin will find its roll.

orfix Automatic Coin Rolls are part of our core competence „Cash Packaging“. Our.extensive range of high quality money packaging products provides application solutions that meet all international standards and guidelines. With experience and know how orfix developed jointly with the Deutsche Bundesbank (BBK) the currently valid standards for wrappers and roll paper. Also the colors of the Automatic Coin Rolls per denomination are part of these standards.

orfix Automatic Coin Rolls are made of high quality special paper for fully automated packaging of coins. The Automatic Coin Rolls are distinguished by their consistent high quality standard and are subject to severe quality tests during production. Raw materials are developed and produced exclusively for orfix.

orfix Automatic Coin Rolls can be used for all common machines. A special coating on the edges of the paper rolls guarantees a smooth production and prevents abrasion on the crimping hooks. In cooperation with the leading machine manufacturers orfix has set the standards for Automatic Coin Rolls.

orfix Automatic Coin Rolls have standardized widths and are supplied by default in lengths of 150 m and 300 m. Customization in width and length are possible on request.

A differentiation per denomination is easily done by different colors.

Paper rolls for Euro indicate


the total value per roll,


the quantity of coins per roll,


the species as well as


the company print (ID no.)

The automatic coin rolls are packed in cartons, quantity per carton depends on the denomination.

Automatic Coin Rolls standard range

Total value per roll

Quantity of coins

Color of paper
Color of print Quantity of rolls per carton
Rolls 150 m Rolls 300 m
0,50 € 50 x 0,01 € white black 10 4
1,00 € 50 x 0,02 € grey black 8 4
2,50 € 50 x 0,05 € red black 8 4
4,00 € 40 x 0,10 € blue black 8 4
8,00 € 40 x 0,20 € orange black 8 4
20,00 € 40 x 0,50 € green black 8 4
25,00 € 25 x 1,00 € yellow black 12 6
50,00 € 25 x 2,00 € violet black 12 6

Personalization options

  • Wide range of different paper colors.
  • Customized printing with company print (ID no.) or logo.
  • Customized designs.



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