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Our Mission Statement

orfix is manufacturer of security and prevention solutions for the handling of cash and valuables.

Benefit of customers
Our long-term action is consequently focused on the benefit of our customers.

Customers appreciate reliability

Our customers are characterized by a constant demand of our products and by a high appreciation of a reliable partner.

Delight customers
We delight our customers by excellent service, flexible delivery times, competent advice, holistic solutions and a trustful relationship.

We very well know the requirements of our customers as well as the technicalfeatures of our products.

Process standardization
We standardize our processes to ensure a faultless and efficient handling.

Self-responsibility of employees
Our employees bear a high degree of self-responsibility and manage an enormous range of tasks. They are promoted and challenged in cross-functional tasks.
Identification of employees
Our employees identify themselves with our company.

Trust and Transparency
The values trust and transparency, we cultivate in business with our customers, have also first priority in our company.