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The security and prevention solutions of orfix International GmbH fulfill highest quality standards and guarantee absolute reliability. These values are appreciated by customers from all over the world. Our professional teams develop integrated solutions which help our customers to sustainably ensure and preserve their values. 

To act carefully and responsibly is an essential part of our corporate culture and fundamental basis of the confidence that our customers show to us each day.  

Accepting responsibility also means acting legally. Compliance – the acceptance of legislation and formalities and internal policies – is a matter of course for orfix. 

The management takes its responsibility to ensure compliance by implementing a compliance management system.  

At orfix the following compliance guidelines apply: 

1. The trust of our customers, employees and business partners are the fundamentals of our success. Compliance is the indispensable basis for this trust and for our sustainable growth. 

2. We participate within the framework of applicable law in business competition.  

3. Contraventions of laws are not tolerated. It is the obligation of every employee to ensure the observance of all legislations and internal policies.  

4. Employees are not responsible for losses caused under the observance of applicable legislations and rules.  

5. An efficient compliance system requires the commitment of all employees. Every employee is therefore encouraged to participate in the further development of the system.  

6. Transparency and communication are the keys to compliance. We communicate in all sectors – internal and external – frankly and trustworthy.

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