More Security. More Value.


orfix Italia s.r.l.
Via Leone XIII, 95
00165 Roma (RM)

+39 06 39 87 02 16

Our Mission – Protecting Values.

About Us

orfix is ​​a leading provider of packaging with security and prevention solutions that supports companies and institutions in meeting the increasing requirements for safe storage, safe and protective transport of their goods.

We develop, manufacture and sell packaging with security features made of plastic and paper. We also offer a wide range of additional products for banking, the cash industry, retail, transportation and the public sector.

Safety and quality are our top priority.

We have subordinated our business processes to the principle of fair and cooperative dealings with all customers and suppliers, and we guarantee this with our Mission Statement, our Code of Conduct and our Compliance Guidelines.

This is what we stand for – since 1855.

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