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Mailing bags for online retail

orfix mailing bags: Sustainable solutions for your shipping needs!

Discover the versatility of orfix mailing bags made from high quality film. Our mailing bags are the perfect choice for retailers, courier services, postal services, B2B shops and mail order companies. They are particularly suitable for sending flat and non-fragile products such as textiles, brochures or documents.

Why use orfix mailing bags?

  • Environmentally friendly: Our mailing bags are made from up to 100% recycled material, making them a sustainable choice compared to traditional shipping packaging.
  • Protection in every respect: orfix’s opaque, tear-resistant and waterproof film mailing bags offer optimum protection against dust, dirt, moisture and prying eyes.
  • Customisation: Choose from different sizes and design the envelopes according to your wishes. From plain white to your company logo in up to 6 colours, we offer personalised solutions.
  • Practical extras: We can provide envelopes with a single or double seal, sequential numbering and a barcode. This allows you to keep track of your mailings at all times.
  • Customisation: As a manufacturer, we are flexible and happy to accommodate special requests. Whether you need special sizes or special shapes – we make it possible!

orfix mailing bags are not only functional, but also high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging solutions. For particularly sustainable requirements, we even offer mailing bags in Blue Angel quality.

Choose orfix and optimise your mailing process with our first-class mailing bags!

Benefits at a glance:

  • Opaque, tear resistant and waterproof
  • Self-adhesive closure
  • Available in various sizes and denominations
  • Sustainable and resource efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Low storage volume
  • Can be personalised with up to 6 colours
  • Own format and personalisation (depending on quantity)
  • Blue Angel certified (depending on volume)
  • Double seal for returns
  • Outside/inside colour: white/black
  • LDPE coex film

Standard range of orfix Mailing Bags with adhesive sealing 

Item no.Dimensions (+ 30mm shutter flap)Packaging unit per carton
10014407order now200 x 300 mm1,000 pcs.
10016755order now250 x 350 mm1,000 pcs.
10016681order now300 x 400 mm500 pcs.
10016682order now350 x 450 mm500 pcs.
10014409order now400 x 500 mm500 pcs.
10014410order now450 x 550 mm500 pcs.

Ready to ship: 

Neutral available in 1-2 working days, personalised to order!

In-house production of mailing bags

Our mailing bag manufacturing is synonymous with quality, versatility and customer satisfaction. You can rely on our experience and expertise when it comes to film mailing bags – from production to delivery.

As a direct manufacturer of mailing bags, we can offer you competitive and cost efficient prices. Our in-house production allows us to work efficiently and pass on savings directly to our customers.

You can rely on our many years of experience in the production of film mailing bags and benefit from our competitive prices, which are tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

Boris Meißner
Your expert for mailing bags:

There are six good reasons why you should use mailing bags made from recycled film:

Recycled mailers are an environmentally friendly choice for businesses and consumers, offering many benefits.

Conservation of resources: The production of recycled film generally uses less energy and resources than the production of new plastic. The use of recycled film conserves valuable raw materials.

Waste reduction: The use of recycled film helps to avoid waste, particularly plastic waste. By reusing plastic, the amount of landfill waste is reduced.

Energy saving: The production of recycled plastic often requires less energy than the production of new plastic. This results in a lower environmental impact and reduced CO2 emissions.

Promotes recycling: The use of recycled film promotes the recycling cycle and helps to ensure that plastic waste is returned to a closed loop. This supports a more sustainable use of resources.

Green image: Companies that use recycled material in their products can cultivate an environmentally friendly image. This is becoming increasingly important to many consumers and the use of recycled envelopes can have a positive impact on brand perception.

Reduced environmental footprint: Recycled film helps to reduce the environmental footprint by using fewer natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of production.

The use of recycled mailing bags is therefore a sustainable choice that contributes to a positive environmental footprint while meeting mailing and marketing requirements.

What are some of the best uses for our mailing bags?

They are particularly suitable for the shipping of products such as:

Clothing and fabrics: Our mailing bags are ideal for mailing clothing, fabrics and other textiles. The water repellent properties protect the goods from moisture during transit.

Books and documents: If you are sending books, magazines or important documents, mailing bags offer good protection against water and other environmental influences.

Electronic accessories: Small items such as cables, adapters or electronic accessories can be securely packed in envelopes. The pouches are moisture resistant and anti-static.

Cosmetics and toiletries: Moisture-sensitive cosmetics and personal care products can be securely packaged in orfix mailing bags.

Mailing promotional material: Customers mailing promotional material such as brochures, flyers or catalogues can benefit from the low cost and lightweight properties of film mailing bags.

Small parts and spares: Small parts and spares that do not take up a lot of space can be efficiently packaged in film pouches. The flexible bags conform well to different shapes.

Lightweight items: Due to their light weight, film mailing bags are ideal for shipping lightweight items, resulting in savings on shipping costs.

The material is part of our Green Label range – it is made from up to 100% recycled LDPE.

orfix products are manufactured under strict quality control. They fulfil the requirements of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

More than 10.000 customers trust in orfix.

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